David Morrissey (AKA The Governor from TV’s The Walking Dead) appeared at Forbidden Planet in Liverpool on Saturday and Matt and Kelly were there to meet him.

We presented him with a box of Walking Dead cupcakes, complete with our very own Zombie Brain Cupcakes.

David was there to raise money for The Observatory School in Bidston, Wirral, which David visited recently.

The event raised more than £5000, which will go towards a mini-bus for the school.

The Custom Cupcake Company | Matt and Kelly meet 'The Governor' David Morrissey

David, who plays The Governor in the hit US zombie series Walking Dead, said: “I did a talk at the school and thought it was great and really well run so I wanted to help them. This seemed like the best way to do that and the guys at Forbidden Planet have been great at organising it.

The actor, originally from Kensington welcomed over 500 fans and was happy to sign autographs and pose for pictures, throughout the event.

As big fans of the show, we were very excited to get the chance to meet him and present him with a complimentary box of our Custom Cupcakes.

We hope you enjoyed them David. If you want any more, you know where we are.